How to Save Time and Money When Buying Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Whether you are installing new air cooled heat exchangers or redesign the existing ones at your factory, you need to know how to save money while at it. Almost everyone believes that this has to be an expensive affair. Companies often budget and spend too much money on heat exchangers without knowing that there are simple things that they can do to reduce the costs. If you talk to financial advisers, they will tell you that some of the simple things that you often overlook are the ones that are likely to make a big difference. If you visit some of the most trusted websites such as, you will notice that in order to get the most cost-effective heat exchangers, you need to consider the following factors.

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When buying, go for the best quality

Some people think that they can save money by purchasing the cheapest air cooled heat exchangers in the market. They are so much consumed by the desire to pay a few dollars less that they end up forgetting about quality. What they do not know is that those poor quality heat exchangers will end up costing them more than they can imagine. Imagine if you have to keep repairing these items every month. You will be paying the contractors to do this and as time goes by, you will notice that the expenditures have become too much. On the other hand, if you spend a little more on high-quality heat exchangers, they will last for years on end without showing any faults and so, you save the repair costs.

Consider repairs before replacements

When these appliances start showing defects, the first thing that comes to mind is a replacement. Some people jump into the process of buying new heat exchangers even without examining the faults on the existing one. Sometimes, it may just be a minor fault that can be fixed fast. This problem is usually made worse by money-hungry contractors. Such contractors will tell you that the current appliance cannot be repaired when they know that it is just a small fault. They will end up making you to spend lots of cash when you would have easily avoided it. Because of this, you may want to hire a professional technician. Make sure that they are reputable and trusted so that they can give you an accurate assessment and recommend the best solutions.

Ask for quotes from various suppliers before buying

Never be in a hurry to buy heat exchangers. This process should be done with a lot of caution. You need to take time to look at every significant factor before choosing anything. For instance, if you just walk into the nearest store and purchase the first products that you get, chances are that you will end up paying more than you actually should. It can get worse if the exchangers are not even the right fit for your needs. If you want to save money during such a process, you should start by asking for quotes from various suppliers. Let then tell you the kinds of machines that they have and how much they sell them at. With this information, you will know where to send your money and get value for it.

Invest in proper maintenance practices

How do you take care of your air cooled heat exchangers? Do you check them and service them regularly? Studies show that some people totally neglect these machines until they develop problems. For them, as long as they are still running, there is no need to check them. The effect is that small faults will keep growing even as the machines are still functional and by the time you find out, the problem will be too big. You might find out that the repairs that would have cost you a few dollars now require a huge amount to fix. In fact, you might end up needing a replacement altogether yet you would have fixed the problems had they been noticed at an earlier stage. This is the reason you should look for a technician to regularly check and service the exchangers.

The best heat exchangers are those that effectively move the heat out of the areas where it is not needed. Therefore, you should only purchase from trusted manufacturers and suppliers. Although there may be suppliers in your area, you should not believe that they all have the right appliances for your business. Always be sure of what you are paying for in order to save money.

Gordon Buckland