Money – Why Save It?

Imagine life without money when without money, life actually comes to a standstill! Much as we wish that we could live without money, we have to face reality and accept that we can’t live without money. The worst part is that the money is never enough, depending on how we look at it. There are many advantages to saving money such as being able to afford what you want, and paying for items at once since installments usually attract a fee. In this article, we are going to take a look at the importance of saving money.

Money – Why Save It?
Money – Why Save It?ey.

Emergency Funds

You never know when emergencies like sudden job loss, explosive medical bills, or even car repairs that are unexpected, come up. You can’t survive without your car, live on air until you get your next job, or die because you could not afford to cover your medical expenses. This is the chief importance of saving up emergency funds to cover you when the need arises.

Saving for Retirement

As you grow older, your body grows weaker, and it will reach a point in your life when you will have to retire. It is important to start saving money for your old age when you are still young and energetic. You could either save in a banking institution or invest the money in something that will generate interest over time. This will be your buffer in old age once you.

Save for a House

A house is a good investment and hence when buying one, it is best when you have a sizeable down payment. This attracts better interest rates from lenders, and the repayments are more comfortable and affordable.

Maximize Interest Rates

You need to save your money where you will earn interest, and that could be in savings accounts, bonds, or even CD’s (certificates of deposit).

Save for Other Expenses

It could be that dream vacation, dream car, or something else. Saving money could make some of these dreams of yours come true and you could end up on that dream vacation to the Caribbean’s, or driving that car you only ever dreamed about.

Irregular or Recurring Expenses

You know very well that in the near future, your car will require some major repairs, or your house will require a major renovation and facelift. This calls for setting aside sinking funds to cover the future known expenses which you are not even sure how much they will be. This will help to cover those costs without necessarily biting into your emergency savings.

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Gordon Buckland