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March 07, 2022

What students should be studying at the School of Life

Elisabeth Donati, author of The Ultimate Allowance, looks at kids these days -- and by kids she actually means anyone under 30 -- and wonders what exactly they're being taught at home and at school.

"Our children aren’t learning how to take care of themselves … emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually or financially," she maintains.

"They aren’t learning how to think through problems and solve them. And they aren’t learning how to think globally for the most part. Everything is geared toward solving problems individually when in reality, we solve problems best when we work on them together."

Donati decided to compile a list of what she would want kids to learn in her school, if she started one. Here’s a sample what she's come up with so far.

* that life is simply what we make it.
* that it’s our responsibility to wake up each morning and choose to be happy.
* that nothing in life is free or guaranteed; you have to work for what you want.
* that we aren’t born with rights and we don’t deserve anything … unless we earn it.
* that money is simply a tool to reach your dreams and that you need learn how to use it  wisely.
* that money doesn’t mean anything about who we are as a person
* that by taking care of the earth and each other, we take care of ourselves.
* that we get one body and it’s an honor to take care of it.
* that the best way to gain respect from others is to be respectful of others.
* that television is not a particularly healthy past-time.
* that moving one’s body each day is a key to our overall health.

Is Donati on to something? What would you add to her list?

By Gordon Powers, MSN Money



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