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April 03, 2021

Phone for a pizza in April

Ever wonder what to do with your old mobile phone?

Or that outdated iPod that you upgraded from years ago?

Or the myriad of chargers tangled up in a drawer that don't seem to fit any of your current gadgets?

If you're hungry for an answer, Pizza Pizza might be the solution.

In delivering on its commitment to the environment, the pizza giant is offering up free pepperoni slices in return for your old phones, iPods and chargers during the month of April.

The Cells for Slices campaign started in 2004 and has since collected more than 5,600 used mobile devices.

Proceeds from recycling of the devices will benefit Food Banks Canada as part of its Phones for Food program. This campaign has generated more than $750,000 since its start in 2003, and has diverted approximately 500,000 wireless devices from landfills by being recycled or refurbished.

It seems with technology moving so fast, we are finding ourselves constantly upgrading to the latest and greatest generations of phones and devices, leaving us with unwanted, outdated electronics.

Even in our household, there are several old cell phones of varying sizes and styles that are ready for the graveyard. But where do you bury your old phones?

Recycling centres might be one answer but Pizza Pizza's initiative offers you a way to save a few dollars on lunch or dinner, feel good about the environment and help charity.

The program, In recognition of Earth Month, is being offered at 365 participating locations in Ontario, Winnipeg and Regina.

The list of acceptable devices you can trade in for a slice includes: cameras, adapters, tablets, iPods, mobile and smart phones. 

Pat Finelli, chief marketing officer for Pizza Pizza explains, "We're offering an easy way for people to dispose of their old and unwanted devices in a way that rewards our customers.

"The Cells for Slices program contributes to a great program run by the good people at Food Banks Canada and is especially beneficial for the preservation of the environment and the individuals and families they serve."

Any way you slice it, that's a great way to contribute to the environment and those less fortunate.

By Donna Donaldson, MSN Money

Do you recycle your old or unwanted mobile devices? Would you take advantage of the Cells for Slices program?




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