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February 01, 2022

Lingerie or diamonds this Valentine’s Day?

7. CreditI don’t know about your spouse, but mine spends countless hours on the computer searching eBay for collector’s items, sports memorabilia, n-scale trains and vinyl records from the ’70s.

With Valentine’s Day approaching on Feb. 14, wouldn’t it be nice to find out that he’s also been searching for something special for you?

According to a recent analysis of pre-Valentine’s Day spending on eBay, there’s a 21 per cent spending increase on diamonds and engagement rings in Canada. As a matter of fact, those items were being bought every 2.3 minutes.

It seems Canadian romantics are embracing the e-commerce way of buying their sweethearts that special something for Valentine’s Day.

While diamonds are one of the hot gift items this year it appears purchasers north of the border are passing on the frilly stuff. I’m not sure if it’s our chilly climate but data from eBay shows that purchases of lingerie are down 59 per cent compared to last year.

However, from province to province the results differ in our buying patterns on eBay.

Take Quebecers for example, they spend twice as much on panty purchases while Ontarians are big on bras — checking out with 36 per cent more purchases than any other provinces. And even though lingerie sales were down across the nation, it seems our friends from The Rock, a.k.a. Newfoundland, are stocking up on the sexy undergarments but trending down by 40 per cent in sparkling rock purchases.

The biggest buying power on diamonds and engagement rings is in Saskatchewan where consumers are spending 55 per cent more over last year. Not only that, they spent 66 per cent more per item over the national average.

I’m not sure what all this data means, but I am hoping my spouse will be thinking about me while he’s on eBay tonight.

-- Donna Donaldson, MSN Money



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