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November 15, 2021

What services/products do men, women pay more for than each other?

As consumers, are men and women really that different?

Sure, they earn at dissimilar rates – fair or not – but by stereotype, perhaps male shoppers and female shoppers are one in the same. One chooses to spend an entire Saturday at the mall, the other an entire Saturday at Home Depot. See, pot-eh-to, pot-ah-to.

Yet of course, all is not fair in the bottom line of consumerism.

Fact is, women pay plenty more for many items than men do, and men pay plenty more for many items than women do.

Certainly, we can look no further than a simple consumer service to make our point: haircuts.

*Bing: Why do women earn less than men?

Where all else is equal – both men and women, that is, require haircuts – it is women that pay an overwhelmingly larger amount for a trip to the salon than men do for a strap in a barber’s chair.

Same goes for dry cleaning. Both men and women visit the dry cleaners, but their costs differ greatly. A guy can take in a dress shirt to get washed and pressed for under $3. Women, by contrast, can’t likely get a blouse dry cleaned for much less than $7 or $8.

But oh, don’t think that things are all in the favour of men.

On many more expensive items and services, men get hosed. Just check out insurance for the best example.

According to a study from Insureye.com, men pay five per cent more than women for car insurance, eight per cent more for home insurance and up to 25 per cent more for life insurance.

Surely isn’t worth saving a few bucks on dry cleaning, is it, fellas?

What other items do women pay more for than men? What other items do men pay more for than women?



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