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October 11, 2021

Prince Harry's Vegas scandal boosts city's tourism

Prince Harry, as you might remember, had a time a few months ago in Las Vegas.

But thanks to the racy snaps of another royal, the Duchess of Cambridge, having appeared in newspapers across the world, Harry’s Sin City romp has largely been swept under the rug – a scandal, in scope at least, much smaller than the tragedy of Kate’s sunbathing.

Not so, however, for Las Vegas’ tourism board.

Indeed, they recall Harry’s infamous night out well. According to a report from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LCVA), the publicity from Prince Harry airing his royal jewels was worth some $23 million to the city.

Nearly two months have passed since semi-nude pics of Prince Harry popped up on TMZ, but Las Vegas has been able to spin the sordid tale to its advantage.

*Bing: Who is in line for the royal throne?

The LCVA has run a few ad campaigns spoofing the royal; most notably an ad that reads “Keep calm and carry on, Harry,” followed by the hashtag #KnowTheCode.

Lynx deodorant body spray ran another ad: “Sorry Harry, if it had anything to do with us,” a nod to the buxom co-eds spotted partying with the prince in Las Vegas.

Of course, it is the #KnowTheCode hashtag that is the real story here. After its popular “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” campaign, Sin City is doubling down on promoting its reputation as a sinner’s paradise. And a discrete one, at that.

Apparently, it’s working.

The ads, which cost “in the low six figures,” have generated the estimated $23 million in publicity, and it’s further paid off in the form of online lookups.

Hotels.com traffic has surged in the wake of Prince Harry’s famous photos. Searches for Las Vegas spiked 123 per cent from tourists from the U.K., 118 per cent from Canadian travellers and 87 per cent from those from the U.S.

“Company officials dubbed it ‘the Prince Harry effect,’” a Vegas Inc. report said.

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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