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September 13, 2021

Already, there's a 24 carat gold iPhone 5

Have you guys heard of this designer, Stuart Hughes?

He’s a sort of tech jeweller to the super-rich, the man behind those outrageous diamond- and jewel-studded smartphones and other gaudy gadgets only the Brit could produce.

Hughes is an interesting guy. Mysterious, in fact. It took me weeks to get in touch with him for a profile I wrote for MSN a while back, when he had just released an $8 million iPhone 4, hand-encrusted with 500 flawless, individually cut diamonds.

What I learned about Hughes is that he’s not some snob, not a man to sneer down from his perch as the world’s preeminent tech jeweller. Instead, he’s just a guy who still lives in the town he grew up (Liverpool), where he was born and raised in a working-class family.

But say this for Hughes: amid all the curiosity the world has about his gadgets and just who is buying them, the man has timing.

*Bing: What’s new on the iPhone 5

Though it was just released Wednesday, the iPhone 5 has already received the Stuart Hughes treatment.

In media members’ inboxes yesterday was a note about the latest Hughes gadget, the 24 carat gold iPhone 5.

The new Apple handheld, long-awaited by fans, may have been a welcome relief to Hughes, too.

The jeweller decked the entire phone in 24 carat gold, including a 24 carat gold logo and home button. Crystal stones have also been hand mounted to the logo on the back of the phone.

If getting the iPhone 5, to be released later this month, is a symbol of status, this must be the ultimate one.

For $4,240, the 24 carat gold iPhone 5 can be yours.

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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