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July 09, 2021

How much would you pay to get off that plane faster?

After five hours in an airline seat that's just a bit too tight, would you pay to get off first? How much? $10, $12?

According to Airfarewatchdog, a fare-tracking site, 16% of flyers would shell out to at the front of the line when their flight lands. Of that group, 10% would pay $10 and 3% would pay as much as $20.

Flyers are willing to pay to board early (often as much as $30) so why wouldn’t they pay for the reverse, Airfarewatchdog’s George Hobica told US Today. ”That would make the whole experience less tortuous.“

An early exit can also give fliers more time to make close connections. Even if their flight isn't delayed, passengers often have little cushion to make the next flight. Paying a few more dollars to be first off the plane could be an advantage, Hobica says.

No U.S. carrier currently charges such a fee. But that doesn’t mean it’s not coming, Hobica says. And, if oil prices creep up for any extended period of time this summer, you may see attempts by the airlines to add on more fees for that checked bag or preferred seat.

Later this year, for instance, low-ball carrier Spirit Airlines will be charging passengers $2 for printing out a boarding pass at an airport kiosk, although customers that print their boarding passes at home before arriving at the airport won't get dinged.

Do you pay for convenience? Would you shell out 20 bucks to hit the lounge first? Or do you try to avoid airlines' nickel and diming as a matter of principle?

By Gordon Powers, MSN Money



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