September 05, 2021

Should you tell your kids how much you earn?

When I was at a precious young age, not quite when The Mighty Ducks  came out but, I imagine, some years before The Mighty Ducks  was to come out, I worked up the guts to ask my father what he earned for a living.

My dad is a damn good dad, and he played the part well, not letting what could be an uncomfortable question fester. He answered almost immediately. He made, he said, one dollar each year.

Of course, I didn’t find out then my father’s salary, and even today I’m not sure what he truly earns.

But I was reminded of that story recently when I came across a feature detailing how parents should discuss money with their children – a kind of financial birds and the bees, if you’ll allow – and wondering the big question of them all: should you tell your kids how much you make at work?

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September 06, 2021

Is texting while driving causing more accidents?

The vast majority of Americans consider themselves to be good drivers, even though 76 per cent of them eat or drink behind the wheel, 55 per cent speed, 53 per cent talk on a handheld phone, and 37 per cent drive when they're too tired, according to a recent survey

921217_crashed_carWhat's interesting is that most people quizzed are even more concerned about the behaviour of other drivers around them. Like texting while driving, for instance. 

Are Canadian drivers that much different? Probably not, according to recent research from

While dangerous driving practices such as speeding or entering an intersection on a yellow/red traffic light are commonplace amongst Ontario drivers, these aren't the bad habits that really seem to annoy other people. Again, texting leads the way.

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