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January 06, 2022

New car seat scans your butt to prevent auto theft

Today, cars are getting pretty cool.

Stock-photo-12377817-crimeNo, no ‘cause of Internet-ready entertainment consoles or iPod integration systems, but because of safety technology right out of the future.

Earlier this year, Ford, first, and then Toyota, debuted two separate cars with sensors that will be able to detect if a driver is having a heart attack. Ford’s car has sensors in the seat, Toyota’s on the steering wheel.

Neat stuff, but now foreign engineers are behind a new kind of sensor-based ride, one that can read a driver’s rear-end to prevent unauthorized drivers from stealing their car.

Researchers at Japan’s Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology recently unveiled a newly-designed car seat, one that aims to snuff out car theft.

*Bing: The most stolen cars in Canada

According to The Daily, the seats come embedded with 360 precise sensors, which carefully scans a driver’s backside to verify whether the correct driver is behind the wheel.

The system, which researchers say is 98 per cent accurate, will either allow the vehicle to start or not, depending on the butt in the seat.

“Think of it as a fingerprint for your rear end,” The Daily notes.

No word yet on how the sensor-filled seats will react if the driver gains or loses a few pounds, but the non-intrusive security measure will likely be a welcome reprieve to motorists tired of strapping on the Club (do people still use the Club?)

The seats, engineers said, could begin rolling off the assembly line as soon as two years from now.



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