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January 17, 2022

Burger King to try its hand at home delivery

I, for one, happen to have a particular penchant for a Quizno’s sub. You will not be allowed to hold this against me.

Don’t fret, though. Quizno’s didn’t sponsor this post. Just wait … I’m about to trash the restaurant.

In some markets, as you may know, Quizno’s offers home delivery. On the surface, this is a wonderful idea, but even the restaurant’s most loyal fans will tell you it just ain’t right. The greatest thing about Quizno’s is getting a sub hot out of the oven, not soggy out of a bag.

It’s fine, though, Quizno’s. Your in-restaurant experience is still second to none, but delivery for your type of food simply falls short. Why do we bring this up? Because Burger King is trying its hand at home delivery now, and we wonder how the result will be any different.

Of course, everyone knows pulling off food delivery isn’t easy. Some restaurants have it down, others don’t. Generally, pizza is the best grub to have delivered. Chinese food is probably in second place.

*Bing: Who has the best pizza in your home town?

But burgers and fries? Delivered? Come on, Burger King.

According to USA Today, the fast food chain is testing its hand now at in-home delivery south of the border, trying the pilot project in four D.C.-area restaurants.

To qualify for delivery, orders have to have a minimum tag of $8-$10, and each has a $2 delivery fee.

Burger King says it can deliver orders within 30 minutes of its placement by phone or online, claiming its got “proprietary thermal packaging technology” to keep burgers “hot and fresh, and the french fries … hot and crispy,” according to Jonathan Fitzpatrick, the restaurant’s chief brand and operations officer.

Sceptics, line up here. Certainly, it will be an uphill battle for Burger King to prove it can pull off delivery of burgers and fries, which have a shelf-life a fraction as that of pizza. Nuking burger joint food doesn’t play so well, either. This is probably why McDonald’s hasn’t done home delivery, to our knowledge, at least, anywhere but the developing world.

We wish them luck,” a Domino’s spokesman told USA Today of Burger King. “There is a reason that not all pizza places deliver: it isn’t easy.”

Would you ever order burgers and fries for delivery?

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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