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July 20, 2021

Health insurance makes you more attractive to co-eds: survey

When wooing a potential mate, especially in their formative years, men and women will do some wild things.

Istockphoto_3709313-close-up-of-a-female-doctor-smiling They’ll spray tan. They’ll buy expensive cars. They’ll wear skimpy outfits. Totally sex-ay.

Really, though, a new survey may suggest college kids are going about things all wrong. For all the primping and plucking and Jheri curling (alright, maybe no longer Jheri curling), one variable really gets the fellas and ladies going.

Health insurance!

Yes, according to a new survey of college kids by polling firm Kelton Research, the asset of health coverage is a real chick/dude magnet.

When asked if they were already “attracted to a date or potential significant other and then found out that he or she had health insurance,” an overwhelming 90 per cent of respondents said they’d be “more attracted to him or her” under such circumstances.

A few caveats here: the survey is out of the U.S., where healthcare is (still) more of an issue than Canada, and the questionnaire offered no “as attracted to him or her” option, which may have prompted participants to pick the “more attracted” option because, really, who’s going to say health coverage makes someone less  attractive?

But I still feel there’s something to read into here, sign of the times or not.

Even in Canada, where health care is universal, there are several dark areas – dental coverage, prescription medicine, etc. – where our national system leaves people behind.

Could the prospect of never having to worry about any health care needs, be they medical or dental or otherwise, entice a potential mate? Sure! Absolutely.

In any case, nowhere does this survey mention other lines of coverage, yet don’t be surprised if a couple get hitched down the road because Johnny has something crazy that Jilly likes – like, oh, I don’t know, bed bug insurance.

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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