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November 18, 2021

For $3 per, site sends handwritten thank you notes on your behalf

In 2010, everyone is lazy with regard to at least one thing. And, wouldn’t you know it, the business world isn’t far behind.

1054866_legal_pad Of all the “pay for convenience” services out there, I happened to stumble across this beauty which may just take the cake., only four weeks old now, is a web-based company that sends out hand-written thank you notes on your behalf.

“In a nutshell, we handwrite, hand-address, stuff, stamp and mail your thank you notes,” the site’s FAQ section explains.

Indeed, that seems to be just what’s going on here. For $3 a note, you send your desired mailing list, the text of what you want written on the notes and they take care of the rest.

There are even pre-written text templates to choose from (“Dear (blank), thank you for attending (Event X) and giving us (Gift X).”) for the especially lazy. You can also choose from prefabricated note designs or send the Texas-headquartered company your own blank cards for them to write on.

When it comes to signatures, simply prints your name by default, but if you really insist on signing your own notes, the site’s staff can write them up, leave the signature space blank and ship them to you, whereupon you can sign each note personally and send them off to your mailing list yourself. Really, any permutation of skimping on the responsibility of writing your own thank you notes, this site can help.

Of course, anything as innovative as – and we use the term “innovative” here because, frankly, there seems to be a definite market for such a service – isn’t available in Canada just yet. Currently, only ships notes to U.S. addresses, but Kristen Carney, the site’s founder, is on record as saying an expansion to Canada could be coming soon.

When I spoke with Carney Thursday, she told MSN she's inquired Canada Post about shipping rates above the 49th parallel (the $3 flat rate per note might jump to $3.15 or so for Canadian customers, Carney said). Expanding to Canada, though, is "absolutely" something is interested in, she said, once the still-fledgling site gets its roots set in the U.S.

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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