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October 14, 2021

What would you do to earn five bucks?

With paid jobs still hard to find, laid off workers, recent graduates and experience seeking freelancers are increasingly choosing to work for next to nothing.

At least that’s the way it seems when you log into sites like Clickfive, Justafive or Fiverr. The latter, for instance, is a crowded marketplace for those looking to outsource small tasks – from the very useful to the simply odd – for five bucks a pop.

The site offers several thousand services – known as "gigs" – ranging from marketing and advertising support to travel, decorating and fashion advice. Jobs are separated by specific categories to help you narrow your search.

You could, for instance, hire someone to give you a wake-up call, teach you how to play chess, or write a wedding toast for you.

How it works: Post a short description of the service you’re willing to provide. If someone wants to take you up on it, they place an order with a deposit of $5.

Once you complete the job, 80% of that will be transferred into your PayPal account. The other dollar goes to cover the cost of service fees and PayPal processing.

While there’s no guarantee for buyers that the task will be completed to their standards, they are after all only shelling out $5, so it’s not a total loss if things don’t work out.

Buyers can also rate gigs they’ve bought to let other prospective employers know if they actually got their money’s worth.

Of course, for many suppliers, it’s not really about the sale, but the networking and relationship building opportunities they hope to generate. Not everyone is happy though, as you can see from this thread of disappointed users.

But there's still no shortage of people willing to get on board.

What tasks would you outsource for five bucks? Have you had any luck? Would you even consider doing jobs for others for so little money?

By Gordon Powers, MSN Money



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