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October 15, 2021

For $400, you can now marry at a Hong Kong McDonald's

224723_SeoulKorea McDonald’s, to be sure, has done its best to evolve the restaurant’s menu over the years.

When once there were just burgers and fries, now there are nuggets, fish filets and milkshakes. When once there were just burgers, fries, nuggets, fish filets and milkshakes, now there are wraps, salads and apple slices – healthier alternatives, relatively speaking.

But travel over to a McDonald’s in Hong Kong these days and you may see one new menu item you hadn’t before. A wedding, held at one of the fast food chains, for you and your wife … for $400.

Indeed, just when you thought there was something at Mickey D’s for everyone, the Hong Kong leg of the mega-restaurant has unveiled the McWedding, whereby couples can hold their ceremony and reception at a McDonald’s. Fully catered, of course.

According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, the full-on wedding service can be yours for just £250, or a little over four hundred bucks.

Now, where did this idea come from? Glad I asked. McDonald’s corporate says the McWedding concept, if you can believe it, was born from a frenzied public desire to wed at the restaurant.

“People said they dated here, or met here, and wanted to get married here,” McDonald’s Hong Kong director of communications told the Daily Mail, noting they get about 10 calls a month from couples wanting to wed at the fast food chain. “We see this as a business opportunity.”

Already, one couple has wed at a Hong Kong McDonald’s, while the ceremonies will be open to the public next January.

Any McWedding ceremonies must be alcohol-free, of course, but the receptions are catered with delicious McDonald’s grub. And for just $400, that is surely a recession-approved wedding budget.

One caveat, though, for any Canadian couples looking to make the flight over for a McWedding of their own: get there early. Despite holding your ceremony for you, your McDonald’s wedding destination will still stay open to the general public, so you’ll have to carve out a little space first in order to toss that bouquet.

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money

(*Full disclosure: Yes, that is a Korean McDonald's sign, not one from Hong Kong. MSN's apologies in advance.)



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