Make Money As A Hoverboard Dealer

There are many ways of making money and making doesn’t have to be boring, it can be through your favorite hobby.  With the rise in demand in hoverboards, you can make a killing as a hoverboard dealer. Some of the tips to be a successful hoverboard dealer include:

Choosing the right wholesaler

As much as there are many wholesalers in the market, there are some that are better than others. It is therefore important to do a vast research to get to know about the wholesalers and the kind of services they have to offer. Since people most of the times want to deal with renowned brands, you should make sure that you go for a brand that is known for high quality and has high standards. With that you will be sure you will make a sale. Most of the established brands also offer after sales support that maybe very vital. They will teach you more on the hoverboard business and how to make more out of it.

Make Money As A Hoverboard Dealer

Go for quality

You should make sure that you stock products that are of unmatched quality. The hoverboards, hoverboard silicon cover and hoverboard skins should be of high quality. High qualities products will give you repeat customers and will make the business to advertise itself.

Marketing strategy

Just like in any other kind of business, marketing strategy is very important and is what will define success.  Marketing is the backbone of any business and with the change in technology it might be important to determine if the sale of the products will be purely offline or online as well. It is also important to define the product niche and how to reach the customers.  Part of marketing is determining the after sales service that you are willing to offer which can be inform of gifts after shopping a certain amount of skating lessons or discounts or loyalty points. There should be a plan to strengthen the brand to make customers to prefer your business over other competitors. You should check all the hoverboard dealers and decide what extra you will offer that is not being offered. In case you plan on advertising it should be in a way that will address the market niche of the product so that it’s not all in vain.

Pricing strategy

As much as quality is what counts, the price has a big influence on the growth of the business. The price should be reasonable and customers should feel like they are getting value for their money.


Just like in any other business planning is very essential. With planning everything will iron out well. Planning should cover the budget that you have for your business, marketing and pricing strategy.  A proper business plan will go a long way. It is also good to do a research prior to make sure you are starting a business that is not demand and how you will make it a success. It is also important to note the possible challenges that may be faced and how to address them.

Gordon Buckland