How to Choose Roofing for Your New House to Get Value for Money

The truth is the decisions you make determine whether you get value for money or not. This is not any different when it comes to roofing. There are many types of roofing, and when you know how to choose, you will get one that best meets your needs and will give you value for money. Some of the factors to keep in mind when looking for roofing include:

How to Choose Roofing for Your New House to Get Value for Money

Price of the roof

This is one of the primary considerations that will influence the roof you will end up with. The good thing is that there are roofs across different price ranges; hence you can quickly get what you can afford. The price is typically influenced by the material used and the size. The roof style also matters as the shape will influence how much labor will be needed and the amount of material that would be ideal. For example, the intersecting roof will ultimately be more expensive.

Roofing material

Different materials are used for roofing, and they all cost differently. The material used also affects the kind of skill needed to install. Some of the common roofing materials include:

Asphalt: It is the cheapest and also the most common material used. It is also not complicated to install.

Wood: This was very common long ago, and it is still being used. It is, however, prohibited in some areas where there are fire codes. The wood material used is cedar, redwood, or pine.

Metal: Different metals can be used, such as aluminum, steel, asphalt, copper, and lead. They are very durable but expensive options. Lead and copper are mostly installed as shingles.

Tiles and cement: There are areas where they are used for chimneys. Tiles and cement are familiar with the mission style and colonial houses. They are expensive, durable, but their downside is that they tend to be heavy.

Slate: This is the most expensive of them all since it is the most durable.


When you are choosing to roof, you have to consider the installation. Some roofs are easier to install than others. Some have higher installation costs since they are delicate.


The style of your house will detect which roofing style will be suitable for it. Some styles are better suited for some roofing and not others.


Some manufacturers will give you a warranty as an assurance of quality. As much as you may know what to look at to get the best roof, you need the right contractor to bring your dream to life. When looking for a contractor, it is better to go local and go for the best referrals, such as Wauwatosa Roofing. Check for the credibility, the kind of services offered, the cost, location, availability, etc. That will help you to end up with the right contractor for your needs. Research and comparison are a sure bet for getting the right person or company to deal with.

Gordon Buckland