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January 11, 2022

Does dumpster diving do any real harm?

Bothered by the guy shuffling through your blue box? Then you really have to meet David Brown and Greg Mann. 

AdThe pair are part of a growing movement of not necessarily down and out dumpster divers, also known as “freegans” or “urban harvesters”.

Documented in their film I Love Trash, they decide to rent an unfurnished apartment and fill it from the bins around them. They start out with only the clothes they're wearing and a flashlight, but end up furnishing their digs surprisingly comfortably.

In fact, it turns out that they are not only able to 'survive' but are able to find pretty much everything they could need and more.

What's more, during their project they uncover many other dumpster divers and discuss all the different reasons the loosely knit tribe prowls the city's dumpsters. It's an education.

For some, dumpster diving is simply a great way to save money on groceries. For others, it's about making money, on seen on reality shows like A&E's Storage Wars

Other freegans do it because they want to live more simply, are concerned about the environment or see themselves making a statement about recycling.

What about you? Do or would you prowl the neighbourhood on trash night? Limited to furniture or does anything go?

By Gordon Powers, MSN Money



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