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April 11, 2021

Canadian men love their shoes

Move over Imelda Marcos -- make more closet room for Canadian men and their love of shoes.

A new report, released by global research company NPD Group, revealed that Canadian men really do like their shoes. 

In fact, sales of men's footwear in Canada stepped up by 13 per cent in 2012 way ahead of women's sales which grew by a modest three per cent. Overall, the industry saw a six per cent growth spurt socking in $5.1 billion in sales.

Tracey Jarosz, executive director for Canada Fashion at the NPD Group, explains, "We're always quick to assume that women impel the success of the footwear market, but what we're experiencing instead in Canada is a complete takeover of the shoe closet by men's footwear.

"Men are increasingly seeking footwear options that combine utility with style, evidenced by the growth in men's footwear purchases intended for casual daily use, sport and work."

So what kind of footwear are those north of the 49th parallel buying? Umm, no...not mukluks (we're not that far north)!

Believe it or not, Canadian men are buying fashionable footwear and are attracted to the variety of styles, colours and innovative features currently on the market. The report notes that all men's footwear categories grew including athletics, boots, sandals, dress and casual shoes.

It seems that men are starting to put their best foot forward and stepping into some fashionable designer kicks.

As the saying goes -- if the shoe fits, wear it.

By Donna Donaldson, MSN Money

Are you a shoe addict? Do you mind paying a little more to dress up your step?






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