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March 15, 2022

The Bay goes back to its roots, eh

Talk about an evolution.

The Bay is rebranding the company and recently unveiled a new coat of arms logo along with a not so new name -- The Hudson's Bay Company.

I have to  admit, I do have a Hudson's Bay Company point blanket and coffee mug as well as an assortment of Canadian Olympic wear I purchased there such as my mittens, scarf, hoodie and yes, toque.

Heck, even Justin Bieber has been seen sporting what appears to be a Hudson's Bay toque with its trademark green, yellow, red and inidgo stripes in a selfie photo.

The company dates back to 1670 with its signature Hudson's Bay Company script logo way back then. And it wasn't until 1965 when the company decided to modernize its name to simply The Bay as it was fondly called by loyal customers after its short-form title.

This is the company's first major logo rebrand since 1965, heading back to its original roots with its classic full name.

The new full-dress logo design -- redrawn by Canadian artist Mark Summers -- is a coat of arms featuring a shield containing the cross of St. George and four beavers, framed by a pair of moose with a fox perched on top. Below the design is a banner with the Latin words "pro pelle cutem" which translates to "a skin for a skin".

"We're very proud to say that Hudson's Bay is continuing to advance in 2013, not only with our new business ventures, but with our updated look," stated Tony Smith, Creative Director, HBC. 'We've taken what is a very meaningful two-pronged approach to the redesign: maintaining our heritage while modernizing the new Hudson's Bay Company. It's a throwback to our remarkable history and an image for the direction we're heading in."

A rose by any other name...

By Donna Donaldson, MSN Money

What do you think about The Bay rebranding? Will it make a difference?




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