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December 06, 2021

Do you worry about what happens to your charitable dollars?

A few weeks ago, Ottawa's Salvation Army fired its executive director after an internal audit revealed that $240,000 had gone missing.

1387772_pizza_sliceA few days later, the charity revealed that some $2-million worth of toys and other donated goods went missing from, or never reached, its main distribution warehouse in Toronto.

Even though it's a great cause, sure makes you wonder who's minding the store.

But what about the case of Aaron Collins who passed away earlier this year, leaving behind one final wish for his family: Order a pizza and leave the server a $500 tip.

The family started a website to solicit donations, and then headed off to their favourite pizza spot to honour the 30-year-old's last request.

Aaron's brother explains that the family has continued to collect money in order to carry out similar random acts of kindness. The count so far is nearly $65,000, a figure that could keep the family busy leaving the big tips once a week for a few years.

But will they? Here's an example, which seems legit to me. And a more recent one.

Many of the trolls who've seen the videos clearly believe otherwise though. And some see this as little more than a macabre celebration of suicide.

What's your take?

Do you give money when motivated and hope for the best? Or do you try to monitor just what's happening with your donations?

By Gordon Powers, MSN Money






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