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November 08, 2021

What brands are you most loyal to as a consumer?

In modern drug-dealing parlance – relax, I just watch The Wire  a lot – the real money is in the come-up.

Apple-logoThat is to say, of course, that where entrepreneurs are concerned, it’s good to get the customer but it’s great  to keep the customer.

And such loyalty to a product or brand, legal or otherwise, isn’t anything to sneeze at. Companies invest millions to keep their shoppers through rewards programs and other incentives, and convincing them to come back can be the difference between an addicted consumer base like that of Tim Hortons, or an “Eh, the ride was fun while it lasted” group like that of BlackBerry.

What brands are consumers most wild about, and most loyal to, today? Click through to find out.

Take a quick second to consider just how many brands and companies are out there, all trying to sell you a product that may be largely indistinguishable from its competitors’. (Just take a look around the room you’re sitting in; has to be at least a dozen brand names looking back at you, no?)

*Bing: What is the most valuable company in the world?

In its survey studying brand loyalty, in fact, consultancy firm Brand Keys weighed the prospects of almost 600 brands across 83 different consumer categories to find the ones you and I are most loyal to. They are, in top ten form:

10) Twitter
9) Halo
8) Samsung (cell phones)
7) Call of Duty
6) Samsung (tablets)
5) Apple (computers)
4) Amazon
3) Apple (the iPhone)
2) Amazon (the Kindle tablets)
1) Apple (the iPad)

A quick glance shows the true winners of today’s retail landscape. Apple, Samsung and Amazon make up 70 per cent of the brands consumers swoon over most in the modern age (the aforementioned BlackBerry, father of the once-powerful “CrackBerry” is the 100th ranked brand).

What brands are you most loyal to?

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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