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October 31, 2021

Couple beats out 500 others for the chance to wed at Ikea

Lynne Klanbida and Chad Martin are two Aussies, and they’re in love.

400px-Ikea_logo_svgLike many young couples, the pair had to plan for their wedding, and like many young couples, the pair balked at the expense. In Australia, the average nuptials cost more than $35,000.

So the Martins-to-be instead reached all the way to Sweden for help.

They joined a contest, beat out 500 entrants, and will now get a paid-for wedding at their favourite store: Ikea.

In New South Wales, a local Ikea just hosted a competition whereby couples vied to tie the knot inside the budget-chic furniture store.

*Bing: Photos of retail weddings

Klanbida and Martin won out, and next year, on Valentine’s Day, they’ll wed amid 80 guests inside the store, surrounded by their choice of Ikea gear: kitchenware, tableware, textiles, furniture and decorations.




Oh, you haven’t heard of people getting married inside stores before?

Yeah, no kidding, this is becoming a legitimate trend, an inexpensive way for couples to show their love not just for each other but for Big Macs, chalupas and power drills, too.

Most famously, McDonald’s offers a wedding package at some of its Hong Kong restaurants, where couples wed in the company of fellow diners, all mowing down on Mickey D’s grub. (For a 50 guest package, McDonald’s Hong Kong charges about $1,300.)

But it isn’t just the world’s most prominent fast food chain leading the way. According to USA Today, stores from Home Depot and Taco Bell to TJ Maxx (the U.S. version of Winners) and Cold Stone Creamery have all hosted weddings for couples looking to buck convention.

If you had to wed in a retail store or restaurant, which would you choose?

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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