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February 23, 2022

Finally, Ikea puts assembly videos on YouTube

Ikea assembly instructions have always been maddeningly vague, but I guess that’s kinda their thing.

They feature no words, kitschy graphics and this smirking bubble figure dude who, by the end of construction, you’ll be telling where he can stick his Allen key!

Still, Ikea has trumped on with their visual instructions in spite of itself – the retailer’s not-so-subtle message persisting of, “You’d be an idiot if you can’t follow these things. They are quite literally laid out for children.”

Finally, though, the furniture giant is throwing customers a bone. It’s introduced its first instruction video on YouTube.

Uploaded by Ikea’s U.S. division is the first in what’s presumably a series of instruction videos, this one showing how to build the popular MALM bed frame.

*Bing: How is Ikea furniture made?

The clip runs about four and a half minutes, like Ikea’s instructions features no words or dialogue, but does at least a little better illustrating how to put the thing together.

Already the clip has been viewed some 15,000 times since its uploading, suggesting there’s quite a market for either bored people on YouTube or confounded consumers with hands torn up as if they’ve been stuck in garbage disposals trying to assemble some of Ikea’s furniture.

Said the Swedish company in a release, “the videos provide a great visual reference for consumers and feature Ikea co-workers assembling the products from start to finish.”

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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