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February 28, 2022

Diversity programs for new Canadians still lacking: report

With a declining birth rate, Canada will need immigrants to help drive economic growth. But does our system reward the immigrants most likely to create that growth?

While 71% of employers believe they have successful programs to integrate foreign-trained professionals into their workplaces, only 34% of such professionals feel the places they have worked have policies that welcome new Canadians, a new study says.

“While employers recognize the value of hiring new Canadians in our global economy, we’re finding workplace diversity and recruitment policies lack the bite needed to really make a difference,” says Silma Roddau, president of the Progress Career Planning Institute, a not-for-profit counselling service that tracks diversity programs.

The survey questioned 560 professionals who earned their degrees in another country and have been in Canada for between six and 15 years. Of the total, 238 were currently employed and 322 were not. 

While professionals from elsewhere are encouraged to assess their prospects, their arrival is often fraught with challenges and unexpected hurdles. Social networking sites, such as LoonLounge, make connecting and getting advice easier. But their path is still not that clear.

More government guidelines may be needed to help immigrants adjust, the study suggests. It found that the more regulated an industry is, the more likely foreign-trained professionals are to readily find a job and receive orientation assistance.

For example, credentialed health care workers were twice as likely to find work in their fields compared to workers with business, finance and administration backgrounds.

By Gordon Powers, MSN Money



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