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January 26, 2022

Facebook pays best in Silicon Valley: report

Employment at firms in Silicon Valley and other California locales are the stuff of legend.

If it’s not outrageous perks, like the lounge-style offices Google’s known for around the world, it’s an ultra secretive, privacy-obsessed business culture like the one that’s been reported at Apple.

But who pays the most?

We know that, for better or worse, California’s tech jobs are as coveted as they come, though which big name employers pay its employees best?

According to new data* from Glassdoor, it is the world’s largest social network that, with a company valuation somewhere near $100 billion, hands out the biggest cheques.

*Bing: How to find a better job

Using the base salary for a software engineer, far from a scientific survey but, hey, a fine baseline indicator, nonetheless, Facebook appears to pay its workers better than other Silicon Valley names (well, pays its software engineers better, at least).

See the chart here for the entire breakdown, though at an annual clip of about $110,000, Facebook’s software engineers earn more than those at Cisco ($105,000), Apple ($104,000), Google ($103,000) and Yahoo! ($102,000).

The average base salary (once again: base salary) for a software engineer at the ten best-paying Silicon Valley companies scores in at $104,000, according to Glassdoor.

Oracle, graphics firm NVIDIA, eBay, PayPal and HP round out Glassdoor’s top ten.

Speaking of Facebook, the Glassdoor report comes out the same day an ex-manager at the social network opened up about what it’s like to work for Mark Zuckerberg.

The verdict? “He’s a perfectly nice guy on a personal level; it’s just that professionally, he is focused on getting it done and has a limited tolerance for emotional fragility,” said Facebook’s former director of engineer of Zuckerberg, who allegedly refuses to provide his employees any “emotional coddling.”

*Salary data is self-reported, based on the previous three years income.

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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