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December 15, 2021

Not even burglars want a BlackBerry these days

In full, 100 per cent disclosure, this is not the space to find even, neutral RIM coverage.

Stock-photo-16188428-criminal-raises-crowbarWe’ve often poked fun at the BlackBerry maker, and, really, it’s not our fault. What else are we left to do when tales arrive of PlayBook giveaways or drunk Research In Motion execs grounding planes bound for Beijing?

Yet less than a week after the Globe and Mail counted down ten reasons it can’t get any worse for RIM, chances are the paper didn’t expect this.

According to NBC New York, not even crooks will take a BlackBerry these days.

By an unforgettable report out of the Columbia University campus, a pair of burglars has been hitting up students for their belongings over the past bit.

*Bing: Is now the time to buy RIM stock?

And while that’s not amusing, what they’re after is.

According to the report, the still-at-large bandits have made three heists so far, though they’re not settling for BlackBerries or Google phones. In their first robbery, the first victim handed over their iPhone, what the thieves coveted.

But it turned out these were particular pickpockets, hassling the second unidentified victim for an iPhone they didn’t have. “The second (victim) only had a Droid, according to police,” NBC New York writes. “The thieves apparently didn’t want a Droid – so they took cash instead.”

The third victim the robbers hit up also didn’t have an iPhone, but they didn’t believe her. They threw her against a wall to pat her down.

Police have released surveillance footage of the crooks in hopes of finding them, but the reactions to the burglaries – not of horror or shock – should tell you all you need to know about the state of RIM today.

“It’s insulting they don’t want my BlackBerry,” a female student said.

“I don’t like mine,” added another. “I’m waiting to get an iPhone myself.”

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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