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December 01, 2021

Canada once again raises most Movember donations

If the sound of buzzing across Canada kept you up last night, forgive a nation of moustache trimmers.

Stock-photo-18012575-i-love-mustache-graffitiYes, the final evening of November marked the final evening of wondrous moustache glory for thousands of Canadians, who shaved their Movember pushbrooms en masse as the calendar flipped months.

Yet don’t roll your eyes. Despite looking freaking awesome, Canada’s collective Movember moustache wasn’t just some ironic trend.

In fact, as of the latest numbers, Canucks’ Movember campaign raised the most money for prostate cancer research in the entire world.

By Movember’s count, Canadian moustache growers have raised a whopping $36.9 million already, over $14 million more than even the second-place finishers.

*Bing: Movember continues year ‘round! Donate to the cause here

That second-place nation was Australia, which raised $23.7 million. Australia, of course, is where the Movember campaign first began around a campfire in Melbourne back in 2003.

Trailing Australia at no. 3 in the world this year was the U.K., which raised $23.5 million. The U.S. ($13.2 million) and Ireland ($1.6 million) rounded out the top five.

From a numbers standpoint, the U.K. had the most Movember participants, growing 252,600 official Tom Sellecks during the month of November, 2011. Canada came second, at 246,126, but Canuck moustache aficionados were able to pull in quite a pretty penny for their soup strainers.

Despite 6,000-odd fewer Movember participants, Canadian moustaches raised over $14 million more than their U.K. counterparts, an average of nearly $150 raised per entrant (the U.K., by contrast, raised about $93 per entrant).

Is Canada becoming the king of the moustache? Perhaps. Despite the charitable campaign’s Australian beginnings, 2011 marks the second year in a row Canadian Movember participants have raised the most money for prostate cancer in the world.

Last year, there were nearly 119,000 moustaches grown in Canada. This year, nearly 250,000. Next year …

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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