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October 18, 2021

Not even 'The Situation' can get his hands on an iPhone 4S

In the annals of consumer history, wild headlines have been made as shoppers wait in line.

IPhone4s_3upv2_Photo_Siri_Sprgbd_PIPHFor instance, in 2008, while Black Friday was raging, a Walmart worker was trampled and killed after a frenzied mob burst through the doors as the store opened. And back when the Furby was a must-have, some shoppers lucky enough to land one would buy it from the store for $35, go outside and actually sell it back to customers still waiting in line for a few hundred bucks.

Today? Well, there was no tragic death or “It” toy capitalism at play, just a delightful story for you to share with your friends.

By a few media reports, "The Situation," that fated reality star of Jersey Shore  fame, reportedly was booted from an Apple Store after trying to bully his way into an iPhone 4S.

According to MSNBC, which ran with this fantastic tale after a U.S. artist Tweeted the incident, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was spotted skipping ahead of folks who’d been waiting in line at the Fashion Show Mall’s Apple Store in Las Vegas.

*Bing: What’s new on the iPhone 4S?

“One of my former Apple compatriots just kicked The Situation out of an Apple store (sic) for trying to cut in line for a 4S,” the Tweet read. “HE IS MY HERO.”

Certainly, as anyone that regrettably still follows Jersey Shore  can attest, "The Situation’s" approval rating has significantly dipped as his 15 minutes extend into extra time; Sorrentino’s preening, pretentious attitude has seemingly worn out his reality show cast mates, which is kind of like saying Don Cherry’s sick of Rosie O’Donnell because she’s too loud and obnoxious.

But this is not a reality TV blog. This is a Money blog, and this is a great consumer news item we feel obligated to share.

After all, even though the public appears to take great joy in "The Situation’s" shortcomings, that Apple extended him no celebrity gratuities speaks to how coveted the new iPhone is.

Even the co-founder of Apple had to wait in line to get one, for crying out loud.

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money

*Photo courtesy Apple.



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