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June 07, 2021

Good news: Cdn. execs say summer hiring on its way

The federal budget is here. Good news for taxpayers? Maybe. Bad news for public workers? Definitely.

Istockphoto_9614995-fired-hired-sign In a bid to find $4 billion in annual savings, Harper’s Conservatives look primed to start slashing government positions by the thousands, according to media reports, a move one detractor likened to “transfer(ring) $4 billion from vital public services to corporate bank accounts.”

Forget for a moment that this was a widely supported strategy when we discussed it here last month, because these are real people at risk here. Where they will land isn’t clear yet, but at least it appears a warm job market may be waiting.

By a new survey from employment firm Robert Half International, Canadian executives say they’re planning to hire droves of new workers this summer.

Starting in early July and running till September, more than 1,000 top-level Canadian execs admitted they’ll bolster their workforces in the following ways:

--49 per cent increase in demand for lawyers, paralegals and support staff
--28 per cent of manufacturing execs plan to hire more workers
--27 per cent of finance, insurance and real estate execs plan to grow their staffs
--23 per cent of sales and business development execs will be looking for help
--21 per cent of execs plan to hire more marketing professionals

Not the worst news, certainly. According to the Canadian Press, these planned job hikes come in line with rumoured public job cuts in the Fisheries, Environment, National Gallery, Bank of Canada, Defence and Civilization departments.

With an unemployment rate still nearing eight per cent, however, there should be plenty of people, not just spurned government workers, vying for such positions.

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money

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