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March 30, 2021

Filing your taxes online? What program will you choose?

As the filing deadline approaches, most of us are thinking about getting our taxes done quickly and, increasingly, that means going online. 

Tax Not that there are a lot of early adapters when it comes time to settle up.

In fact, only about 56% of tax returns were filed online last year. That leaves close to half of the population either using pen and paper, or the automated telephone method, Telefile.

The CRA would rather you file online than mail in your return because it saves them a fortune in data processing fees. And, if you’re expecting a refund, it will certainly speeds things up.

Although they’re not yet out of business, growth in the sales of physical tax software seems to be slowing. After all, given the fluid nature of tax planning, why own when you can rent?

Online tax offerings have no software installation hassles and don’t change anything on your computer since hook up through an Internet browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.

So do you opt for a one-shot web browser (about $10 per return although there are several free options) via the Canada Revenue Agency's NetFile program or do you shell out a bit more for one of NetFile-capable tax prep packages (around $35 with lots of coupons floating around) that can be downloaded onto your home computer?

There is, of course, no shortage of either....

AceTax, easyCTax, eTaxCanada, FutureTax 2010, GenuTax Standard, H & R Block At Home, Impôt Professionnel, myTaxExpress, StudioTax 2010, TaxFreeway, Taxnic, Taxtron, TurboTax (previously QuickTax), UDoTaxes 2010, UFile

Web applications:
5dollarTax, AceTax Online, EachTax.com, easyCTax, eTaxCanada Online, FileTaxOnline.ca, H & R Block At Home, MBOTax, TaxChopper 2010 from CuteTax, Taxnic.ca, TurboTax (previously QuickTax), UFile Online, WebTax4U.ca

What’s your experience? Have you found one program to be superior to the others? Have you encountered problems that others might like to hear about?

By Gordon Powers, MSN Money




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