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October 25, 2021

What's your favourite cheap, quick-fix Halloween costume?

The pressures of the modern day Halloween party should not be understated.

1165199_scary There’s only a select group of us that actually enjoys dressing up, so for the rest, it becomes a taxing, if not expensive, process of patching something together just to satisfy the Costume Nazis at your holiday gathering.

And if you don’t dress up, you might be subject to some lousy party penalty, like a shot of toilet water when you walk through the door or something equally threatening. But humans are crafty beings, and we’ve been side-stepping these unfair policies for years. So, why not celebrate how we’ve been doing it?

At every Halloween party, as you know, there’s the one patron whose gone way too far with their costume and makes everyone else look lousy by comparison. We hate these people, and so do you.

For those with a certain aversion to dressing up, then, it becomes a case of “Alright, how can I put a couple bucks toward something that can be considered a costume to get the dress-up police off my back?”

Traditionally, in these cases, we’ve gone with the classics: a white sheet over our heads = ghost; a black turtleneck and two screws taped to your neck = Frankenstein; a few green or purple balloons fastened to a sweat suit = a bushel of grapes.

So while you don’t have the time or inclination to put together one of 2010’s hot-topic costumes – Lady Gaga in a meat dress, the Bed Intruder Song guy, etc. – let’s highlight the cheap, tried-and-true costumes we use each October the 31st.

Readers: is it a ghost? Vampire? What are your favourite inexpensive costumes to use as a cheap fix on Halloween?

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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