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September 09, 2021

Tough economy gives rise to more coupon cutting

In case you missed it, September is evidently National Coupon Month. And business is booming.

According to recent industry figures, the number of coupons distributed in the first half of this year across in the United States rose more than 11%. Canadians, however, tend not to use these incentives as much … but we still come a close second.

Whether you're one of those zealots who simply won’t make a purchase without a coupon or are a more casual user, you'll find just everything you ever wanted to know about coupon clipping at the I Love Coupon Month blog.

They kicked off the month with several interesting posts on using a coupon binder system, matching coupons with sales, where to find the best deals, and getting the most out of online offerings.

Here are a few tips from Lisa Reynolds, host of the online radio show, Viva la Value.

1. Build a network: People are passionate about scoring great deals and word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to find coupon deals.

2. Meld print with online offerings: Those achieving the greatest savings are clipping print coupons and clicking and printing online coupons. And be sure to search for coupon codes or free shipping offers for all of your online purchases.

3. Organize your coupons: Sort coupons the way in which you walk through the store — putting those expiring soonest in the front since some only last a few weeks.

4. Stay ready: Create a coupon envelope that lives in — and is always returned to — the car of the family’s main shopper to always be prepared.

5. Stock up on sale items: When you see an item on special that you use regularly, or a savings is featured with your loyalty card and you have a coupon, stock up.

6. Double your savings: If your favourite retailer offers double or triple coupon values, shop on the days when you can get the most value for your money.

7. Call manufacturers directly: Roughly 35% of companies only send coupons upon request, generally through 1-800 numbers.

Are you a coupon maven? Do you use them more than you once did? If so, how do you maximize their value?

By Gordon Powers, MSN Money



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