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November 05, 2021

Um, guessing the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk isn't totally safe

Dangerous product reports aren’t something we typically do here at Everyday Money.

But, covering the issues that surround topical consumer behaviour is.

And so it’s with that I present, via “Items for sale that no longer make you question why humans do stuff like this,” the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk.

Every Canadian knows the dangers of talking and texting while they drive, and residents of Ontario are even more hip to those pitfalls now that a hefty fine could accompany such behind the wheel conduct.

Yet the Consumerist, the for-the-people watchdogs of the Internet, has the perfect solution. They write:

“One problem with driving is it gets in the way of your texting, and for all but the most dexterous, entirely rules out getting some work done on your laptop.

“But no more, thanks to this handy new Laptop Steering Wheel Desk. For less than $20, you can make the road that much less safe.”

If you check out that Amazon link, you’ll see this thing is actually for real. Categorized under “mobile office” products, drivers can actually pin a clip-on desk to their wheels to balance a laptop, snack, cell phone or whatever while they speed down the road.

(I know, I know, it says not to use it while driving and actually has some cachet as work-from-your-car product. As someone who vaguely, roughly, okay-maybe-not-really considers himself a journalist, I can appreciate the merits of a mobile office.

But you are crazy if you think people on North American highways wouldn’t slap this baby on for a straight-ahead drive while wolfing down a bagel and playing Minesweeper. Crazy.)

So will the steering wheel desk catch on? Hard to say, but we can’t imagine law enforcement agencies – let alone other drivers – are thrilled about the advent of this one.

The product is advertised with pictures like this and this, when maybe more appropriate usage scenarios would end up like this and this.

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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