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January 20, 2022

The Presidential Blackberry

By Deirdre McMurdy, Sympatico / MSN Finance

Whether you were stirred by his Inaugural Speech or you remain cynical about his generous use of rhetorical flourish, there is one thing you've got to hand to President Obama - literally. The man knows how to boost a brand (other than his own) and when he comes to Canada, we've got to thank him for his aggressive determination to hold on to his beloved Blackberry.

In the aftermath of last week's dismal news about the bankruptcy of Nortel, Canada has found itself a little bit short on iconic corporate brands - especially in the high tech sector. But the new President's insistence that - security threats be damned - he must be allowed continued use of his 8830  World Edition, is heartening.

There's also a real political upside to the President's stand: complusive attachment to a device that instantly connects you with your spouse and kids signals that he's keeping it real. After all, no matter what anyone says, the Blackberry has become the single most important appliance in any household. What's the point of even having a fridge if you can't PIN you husband or wife to pick up milk to put into it?



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