Save Money by Providing Elderly Care Yourself

In an ideal world everyone would have enough money to care for themselves until the day they die and they would be healthy and active until that day comes.  But we don’t live in an ideal world.  In real life, very few elderly people have enough money to survive alone and even fewer has the physical capability to get by on their own once they get old.  Every fall, stumble or slip can result in a terrible injury or even be life threatening and when a parent or grandparent reaches a stage where it becomes dangerous to live on their own; it is usually up to the children to decide what is best.  Deciding between home care and retirement care can be tough, especially when you are operating on a low budget and low pension fund and with all of the retirement home horror stories going on, more and more are starting to believe that home care is the best and most affordable solution for your parents or grandparent.

Home transformation VS retirement home

Retirement homes usually charge a monthly living and rental fee which can be quite steep depending on the amount of personal care that your loved one require.  Home care is a lot more affordable and is one of the best things you can do for your parents or grandparents because they won’t feel left out or lonely. The most expensive part of providing home care, next to medical treatments of course is the home transformations.  Seniors have a tough time at getting around and they require a lot of gear to get by easier and safely.  But when these transformations are done and installed the gear can also be used by disabled individuals or by yourself when you grow old one day or when you are recovering from injuries.

Top home improvements for easy senior care

Stair lift – A stair lift is a must for seniors or disabled people that live in a double or triple story home.  Stairs can result in fatal injuries and it takes seniors months up to years to make a full recovery from a break.  The Brook Miller mobility gear has the best stair lifts on the market and allows you to test a stair lift before deciding on the right one for your unique needs.

Walk in shower – Walk in showers with no steppe and with good grip flooring is a must for seniors because it is so easy to slip on a wet surface.

Grip bars – Grip bars is the best mobility gear you can add inside the entire home.  Grip bars should be inside the shower, beside the bathtub, nest to the toilet and can also be added next to a bedside or sofa.  With grip bards elderly people can get around much easier and they can reduce a lot of pain that is involved in sitting or standing up.

Raised toilet seat – Higher couches and chairs are much more comfortable for seniors with back, knee and hip problems but the toilet seat is often neglected.  A mobile raised toilet seat can make going to the bathroom a lot easier and will spare your grandparents or parents a lot of embarrassment.

Gordon Buckland