Make Money Online Without Damaging Your Eyes

Eye surgeries can help you restore your eyesight if you are suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome but it is incredibly painful and expensive!  If you have landed that dream online job that allows you to work from home then it is time to start investing in the best eye care and the safest computer using techniques.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Fifty to ninety percent of online workers and computer users suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) because computer monitors are bad for your eyes.  CVS is not a specific eye problem; it consists of a wide range of issues that stems from computer use such as headaches, blurred vision, tunnel vision and much more.

Get tested for CVS

The longer you use your computer, the more damage will eventually be done to your eyes.  A set of specs or contact lenses can give you the needed protection against the harsh computer rays so you can reduce the effects of CVS and protect your eyes much better.  Online workers should go for an eye test at least once a year to ensure that the eye wear that they are using is still providing the needed protection. ArboretumEyePro is a fantastic optometrist service that can get your eyes tested for CVS and other problems.  Once the problem has been established, they will give you the needed eye wear. ArboretumEyePro have a wide range of gorgeous specs and contact lenses that will leave you looking fantastic and protected for when you are working online.

How to work online without damaging your eyes

A few simple changes in your office can help you reduce the effects that your computer has on your eyes so you can enjoy better eyesight for longer.  Here are just a few things you can do for improved eyesight;

Get the right position – Your face should be at least 20 – 28 inches away from the computer monitor to reduce the effects of the monitor.  The monitor should also be slightly below eye level so you won’t slouch or stretch your neck to see well. If you are working from paper then a stand can help you control the damage done to your eye muscles and the strain on your eyes because you won’t have to shift your eyes as many times.

Take frequent breaks – You should give your eyes a break every 20 minutes and look away from the screen for at least 20 seconds so your eyes can rest.

Blink frequently – Blinking regularly will keep your eyes from drying out.  Alternatively, you should get eye drops.

Alter monitor settings – Reduce the lighting of your monitor so the light won’t be as sharp.

Get fresh air – Your eyes also need to breathe so get out of the stuffy office frequently so you can get a bit of fresh air.

Eye care is important because your eyes are incredibly delicate and can get damaged quite easily.  Many problems related to CVS are incurable once your eyes are damaged and a monitor causes daily damage to your eyes.  You should visit a professional optometrist regularly to ensure that you have the best possible eye care so you can enjoy great eyesight for longer.

Gordon Buckland