How to save money as a car owner

If you tradein your car for a new one every few years or like to drive it till it’s broken and bruised, you should know that there are ways to save money, avoid a sudden hit to yourcash, and improve your car’s future value by a great deal. Here’s how:

1. Get the appropriate grade of gas

While most basic or high-functioning cars do gain from higher octane gas, most passenger automobiles on the market today run perfectly well on simple gas at 87 octanes.

2. Don’t forget about maintenance

You may feel lazy about starting or continuing with your regular maintenance. However, in the long term, having maintenance done following a good schedule can save your bank account from a big hit. A blown motor or damaged transmission due to neglect can bring up a car owner’s costs by the thousands because of repairs. Just cleaning the air filter inflating your tires is enough to bring the costs down.

3. Don’t smoke in the car

Cigarettes can burn holes not only in a car’s seats but in its resale value as well. Most People say the smoke odor will make them pass upon any automobile or vehicle instantly. Conversely, cars that are smoke-free cars will fetch a higher price when it’s time to be sold or traded in.

4. Know About the service provider options

Most car owners stand by the dealership’s services, especially if the car still has its warranty. But shifting to a more dependable independent shop could actually be the more cost-effective option. By Going independent, make sure the service makes an investment in training and gear required to give the best servicing for your car.

You should be aware of the law supports you in case you have to switch back to your dealership for warranty needs (so basically, opting to an independent shop for regular service should not make your warranty void).

5. Don’t go for cheaper car insurance

You’d think choosing a cheaper insurance deal would help you save money as a car owner. However, it might not be enough to cover all the cases and liabilities if you’re the cause of an accident. It can also be deficient about repairs or replacements for your car in case of theft or crashes. So, research different insurance companies and deals so that you have the best shot of saving money.

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Gordon Buckland