How to choose the right robot vacuum cleaner for value for money

Whatever buying decision you are making, everyone wants to get value for money. When it comes to household goods, buying the right equipment is very important as it is not something that you can replace every day. Therefore, you must make the proper consideration to make a purchase that will give you value for money. Some of the considerations that you should make to get the best robot vacuum for your home include:

How to choose the right robot vacuum cleaner for value for money

The space of your house

The size of your house is a significant consideration to make as some cleaners work efficiently for a particular space. Otherwise, they would have to recharge their battery or to be emptied. Most robot cleaners for a big area will have a large dustbin capacity and long battery life to do the job efficiently.

Battery life

Different vacuums have different battery life that they can push before having to be recharged. Some have longer battery life than others. It is better to go for the highest battery life possible, as that means you will have more convenience.

Dustbin capacity

Different vacuums have different dustbin capacities. Those meant to clean small spaces usually have low dustbin capacities and vice versa.  Most vacuum cleaners will automatically stop working once the dustbin is full unless it is emptied. Again, with dustbin capacity, the higher the size, the better it will be for you.

The type of flooring

The kind of floor that the vacuum will be cleaning is an important consideration. Some vacuums are best meant for carpets, some for wooden floors, and some for tiles and ceramics.


If you have pets in your home, you should consider them when looking for a cleaner. A proper robot cleaner for cleaning pet dirt such as fur will generally have a special type of brush or attachments on the cleaner so that it can do a perfect job with ease.

Mode of operation

Even though most robot cleaners have more or less the same mode of operation, some are different. Some are more automated than others. Most of them have companion apps, map the cleaning area, map what has been cleaned, and remain. When they need to recharge, some will recharge and automatically resume from where they left.


Most of the time, the price of a cleaner will depend on the features that it has. If it has many features, the chances are that it will be more expensive.


When you are shopping for something, you need to look at how satisfied its other users are. If many customers had a positive experience, then you are likely to have the same. When you make the right buying decision, then you are likely to get value for money. This is because you will buy something that will best meet your needs and will serve you long.

Gordon Buckland