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October 19, 2021

What's the real cost of skipping class?

All those students who regularly struggle with the consequences of skipping class can now rest easy. There’s an online calculator that can help you decide whether ditching is really going to make much of a difference.

To use it, all you have to do is provide answers to 10 questions, including the length of your term, how many days you’ve already skipped, quiz frequency, and your current grade in the class.

The calculator then spits out a verdict based on what the site calls a “surefire mathematical formula.”

It also reminds you of just how much school you’ve skipped this semester – and perhaps the fact that you have a test or quiz in a few days.

It’s just a joke, right? Maybe, but with recent reports suggesting that the calculator has been used nearly 50,000 times since its launch earlier this year, more than a few undergrads now have a new excuse for wasting their parent’s money.

Instead of looking for an out, why not think through the consequences of not showing up, suggests the College Scholarships blog. Namely that:

Your professor is watching you – Even if your professor doesn’t know your name, he or she could be keeping track of attendance without you knowing it.

Your classmates are judging you –Your classmates could take offense since it seems that you don’t value your education as much as they do.

It can hurt your grades – Your lecture notes will not only help you study for your future exam, they could also inspire you to come up with an idea for your next essay. But most importantly, you could miss some important information like what questions to expect on your next quiz, or a rescheduled deadline or even a pop quiz.

It can hamper your career – Employers don’t like skippers either. The information provided to you during your classes will come in handy once you hit the workforce and could set you apart from other professionals in the industry.

Is this tool legit? Would you use it? Did cutting class in the past cost you much in the long run?

By Gordon Powers, MSN Money



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