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April 05, 2021

Dubai pizza shop unveils one-touch ordering fridge magnet

You know, if you forget that whole "overspending and crippling debt" thing, much of the world’s most inventive innovation churns on in Dubai.

They’ve got Tom Cruise-approved skyscrapers. They’ve got sailboat-shaped hotels with star ratings we didn’t even think you could get. They’ve got fake country islands that once drew the eye of Rod Stewart.

Though late last month, the world was introduced to Dubai’s most signature invention.

The one-touch pizza fridge magnet.

Yes, the Red Tomato Pizza shop in the U.A.E. has unveiled a product sure to be a hit with pizza fans and lazy stoners alike – a button you stick on the fridge that orders pizza at a single press.

*Bing: Where is Canada’s best-tasting pizza?

The gadget arrives by mail to any customers that want to set it up, though only a few instructions follow.

Users sync up the button with the Bluetooth on their phone, and enter payment info at the outset.

After that, simply make one traditional over-the-phone order, and then each time after that, just press the button on your fridge to receive the same pizza you got the last time (you can go in through an app on your smartphone to change up toppings or whatever if you like.)

An SMS arrives on your phone after you’ve ordered to double-check it’s correct (you can also change the order via text) and that’s all there is to it.

Answer the knock on your door, and enjoy your already-paid-for pizza.

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