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March 07, 2022

PlayBook outsells iPad ... for a week, at least

For a company as embattled as Research In Motion, you need to develop a bit of tunnel vision when a slice of good news comes along.

For nearly a year the PlayBook, its answer to the iPad only when you forget that Apple asked the question a full 12 months earlier, was a bona fide dud, a sales disaster no one would buy no matter how many discounts were applied to the tablet.

And look, the PlayBook got email  just last month. This was one sad story.

But wait, announced RIM recently. Forget everything else and focus on this: last week, the PlayBook outsold the iPad at Future Shop and Best Buy!

Indeed, we will have to give them this, at least. The Waterloo-based tech firm reported through its official Twitter account that the PlayBook outsold the iPad last week at Canada’s two largest electronics retailers.

*Bing: How much does the PlayBook cost?

When pressed for more by CBC News, RIM declined to offer more sales stats, just that the PlayBook sold more than the iPad and that’s all we need to know.

The cynic will immediately rip the report, of course. They’ll say, Well, yeah no one bought the iPad last week, everyone’s got one already!

But in fact the real angle here might not be far off.

Surely, the spike in PlayBook sales – or, if you prefer, lag in iPad sales – may well have nothing to do with recent operating system updates that fixed a number of bugs or the addition of email to RIM’s touchscreen.

Instead, it might just have everything to do with its competitor, Apple, which is likely to release its iPad 3 later this month. Such an event probably led to whatever consumers would buy an iPad anyway to wait a week, giving RIM the pole position for one seven day stretch, at least.

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money

*Digital Trends photo.



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