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December 05, 2021

Need a job? Facebook is hiring

In a world where much of what we’ve seen about Facebook is through The Social Network ’s lens, the web company seems like a pretty great place to be.

Sprawling, open office space. The site founder and boss sitting at a nondescript desk, right in the heart of the action. Business cards that read “I’m CEO, b*tch.”

Of course, we know that The Social Network  isn’t entirely true, though there are plenty of hints that working at Facebook would be a professional experience unlike any other.

And now, it’s hiring.

According to Facebook chief operating officer Cheryl Sandberg, the site is adding heaps of employees to its workforce, including as many as 15 positions at its New York office, where it will open an engineer division on Madison Ave.

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All in, there are nearly 300 current job postings at Facebook offices around the world, while Canadian prospects bent on staying home need look at only two: the pair of openings at the social network’s Toronto outpost. At Facebook’s lone Canadian office, open positions include gigs in advertising and marketing.

What’s life really like working at Facebook? Well, it may not be what Ben Mezrich, the author of the book The Social Network  is based on, wants us to think. Yet there are plenty of fresh, cooler-than-your-accountant’s-workplace perks that separates Facebook’s professional environment, nonetheless.

For starters, while no Facebook postings appear to explicitly discuss salary, benefits and bonuses are laid out in alluring fashion.

According to its careers page, Facebook pays 100 per cent of employee medical benefit premiums, gives workers 21 days of paid vacation each year and unlimited sick days. The site also observes 11 paid holidays across the calendar.

In the U.S. (such Canadian perks are not listed), all full-time Facebook employees, men and women, get up to four months of paid parental leave, as well as $4,000 in baby cash and up to $3,000 each year towards day care or babysitting.

At Facebook’s headquarters in Palo Alto, workers also get heaped on perks like free laundry and dry cleaning service, photo processing, leather repair and a complimentary shuttle to the office. When employees aren’t attending private guest lectures from speakers like Arianna Huffington, they’re feasting at the company café, where breakfast, lunch and dinner is prepared free of charge.

Yet in spite of the above HR wrangling, there are still elements to working at Facebook that aren’t totally unlike the movie it inspired. Similar to the Social Network  scene where Mark Zuckerberg issues a booze-infused coding challenge to aspiring interns, all hopeful engineers must complete a programming challenge in order to just get an interview with Facebook.

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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