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August 02, 2021

Budget offers discounts by renting ad-wrapped cars

In this still-recovering economy, people go to no short lengths to pinch pennies.

17127885-17127885-hand-with-keys-and-car They’ll place sand or pebbles in their toilet tanks. They’ll get their hair cut by beauty school students. They’ll hand out free crack pipes to curb long-term, drug-fuelled public healthcare costs.

But some ideas, they’re not so bad. Right now, in Atlanta, the struggling American south, those looking to rent a car can do so at an incredible discount.

If, that is, they don’t mind driving around in a four-wheeled billboard.

According to the Associated Press, that’s just the opportunity Budget Rent a Car is offering its customers in Atlanta – the chance to pay less but tour around in a mobile billboard.

Budget, which is testing the mobile ad program on 25 vehicles, will emblazon some of its cars with wrap-ads for various companies, such as the newly-established Sheets Brand Energy Strips.

Yet while the ads will be for small-scale names, the savings aren’t as modest.

On a recent four-day trip to Florida, for instance, one trip usually valued at $300 cost a traveller just $88. Check the math: that’s less than 30 per cent the standard retail price.

If you recall, driving around in a billboard car isn’t so different from that news story from the spring, when home owners were clamouring to have their houses painted as ads in exchange for having mortgage payments covered.

It’d be tough to slam anyone for saving a few hundred bucks off a car rental (especially if, when you’re renting a car, you’re generally travelling to a place where no one knows you), though would you consider it?

Would you be willing to drive a mobile billboard if it meant huge car rental savings?

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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