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September 21, 2021

Smoking ad joins the ranks of distracting, new wave of billboards

You get the sense that, with each new innovation, marketers aren’t nearly done with their billboard experiments.

Consider: that sign in Charlotte earlier this year that spewed the smell of peppercorn steak with a fan and some air cartridges. Like the scented ads in magazines, only fifty feet high in the air, right?

Well, it appears advertisers aren’t finished with their billboard tinkering, after all. Last week, in South Dakota, drivers met the world’s first smoking billboard.

Yes, to promote its Avera emergency medical services brand, U.S. ad agency BVK put up the billboard you see to your left, depicting the scene of a car accident, smoke and all.

With a smoke machine hidden behind the billboard, the ad gave off the appearance the accident had just happened, and the wrecked car was really smoking.

Sounds innocent enough, but good Samaritan drivers in South Dakota kept calling 911 on the billboard, leading to its being shut down by the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue only two days after its debut.

Though that’s not to say the billboard wasn’t a success. While distracting, the provocative billboard was quite effective in promoting Avera.

According to BVK: “It worked, driving thousands of people to go online in the first week of the campaign.”

So, then, with an interactive visual in South Dakota – and a mouth-watering scent in Charlotte – it’s worth wondering which senses advertisers will try to feed next.

Maybe it’s already among us. In London, AdWeek notes, there’s now a billboard for the Wonderbra … in 3D. This is one idea, surely, Everydaymoney gives its full support.

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money

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