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March 10, 2022

Canada's most admired companies

Canadians, as we saw at the Vancouver Games, hold up quite well on the world’s athletic scale.

Yet, how do we perform in business, the measuring stick that often accounts for endured success in life?

Well, the latest Fortune list of the world’s most admired companies is out, so let’s see how Canada fared:

The finance magazine, which outlined 50 of the world’s top business, places its “most admired” tag on three Canadian enterprises this year – a ranking that arrives based on a scoring system accounting for “innovation,” “people management,” “social responsibility” and other key attributes.

The companies – Toronto-based Thomson Reuters, Calgary-based EnCana and Montreal-based Domtar – all score fairly high in said categories, ranking in the top half of its industry survey to earn the label of most admired.

While three’s company (and a proud number to consider for such high praise), the inclusion of only a handful of Canadian businesses into the Most Admired Club comes with a bit of a sour taste.

Local heavyweights like Bombardier and Husky Energy, for example, didn’t make the cut, and Canada’s most admired count of three is quite paltry compared to the rest of the globe.

The U.K. boasts 16 most admired companies alone, Germany has 23 and France is home to 18. The U.S., as we need not be reminded of, has a whopping 232 “most admired” brands, including some of the tops on Fortune’s 50 list.

In fact, the top six of Fortune’s most admired companies are all U.S. based (click here to see if there are jobs for you at either Apple, Google, Berkshire Hathaway, Johnson & Johnson, Amazon or Procter & Gamble in Canada) and do well to assert American capitalist dominance on the world.

Should Canucks be intimidated by this impressive U.S. performance? Maybe. But now’s not the time to fret. We’ve got 14 gold medals.

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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