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February 05, 2022

Free Burger King breakfast sandwich Friday morning

Hungry this morning?

If you happen to see this on the way to work – or, if you’re already there and can slip out for a quick snack – Burger King is the place to be right now.

Yes, Burger King. The fast food chain is offering a FREE breakfast sandwich this morning between 6:30 and 10:30, no purchase required.

Check out a pic of the sandwich here (scroll down a little), but it looks pretty great. Egg. Bacon. Cheese. Croissant. Good.

Now, if you’re the type of person to be a bit sceptical about a Burger King breakfast treat, you’re probably not alone. But let’s at least appreciate what the restaurant is trying to do here.

This promo seems awfully similar to the free coffee campaign McDonalds trotted out back in April. With a product it felt was too good to be dogged by society’s pre-conceived notions of where a good cup could come from, Mickey D’s simply gave it away for two weeks last spring in a bid to cut into the market share dominated by Tim Hortons and Starbucks.

Did it work? Numbers-wise, the jury’s still out. But the java crusade did do well to turn a lot of heads, and we’ve certainly been hearing a lot more comments like, “You know, that McDonalds coffee ain’t half-bad” since the deal.

It’s a slow process to gain a product’s public approval, surely.

Considering that, then, this Burger King promo is quite ironic. The chain is aiming to take a bite out of the breakfast sandwich market – like Ronald and his Golden Arches did with coffee – which has long been cornered by its incumbent leader. The irony, of course, is that that leader is McDonalds.

Tough to blame BK for the initiative, as even its detractors would have to admit. With McDonalds’ supremacy, Tim Hortons’ semi-recent arrival and Subway’s successful shift, Burger King is but an afterthought when you consider mass-marketed breakfast options.

For the King, today’s to changing that.

By Jason Buckland, MSN Money



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