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August 21, 2021

Women love muscle cars, too

By Jason Buckland, Sympatico / MSN Finance

After reading the above title in the Toronto Star, it’s very tough not to make jokes about buzz cuts, hiking boots and plaid vests.

But really, as a still-terribly chauvinistic society, what do we think of when we discuss women and cars? This comes to mind. So does this. And this.

Yet despite what that last example would have you believe, this ain’t 1991 anymore. Cultural ideals to women and cars have shifted, and maybe more than you think.

The Star reports females have even been flocking to new muscle cars – like the resurrected Chevy Camaro – where only their male counterparts did before.

Indeed, while wheels like the Camaro used to be reserved exclusively for guys with Joe Dirt mullets and an affinity for Wildcat and breathtaking leather, new data supports the notion those stereotypes are unravelling.

According to the Star, women now account for an impressive one in five sales of the 2010 Camaro.

That may not sound like much, but in terms of sheer volume, it’s actually noteworthy. The Star says the Camaro has become a “good news event” for GM, selling “so briskly that the company has stepped up … production in (its manufacturing plant in) Oshawa” as a result.

And while news of anyone buying any  car these days is fit to print, this trend certainly makes you want to dig for more.

But look a bit further and it’s not so puzzling. For starters, muscle cars – on the level of mass consumerist appeal – have come a long way.

Improved comfort, handling and style have, by all accounts, taken the Camaro from a car with niche appeal to widespread desire.

Plus, women will tell you they’re much smarter than men. So by that logic, that should mean any muscle car purchase by a woman was rooted in savvy economic research and sound, reasoned decision-making, right?

“It’s gorgeous,” new Camaro owner Roxanne White tells the Star. “It’s sexy and fast. I certainly get the looks.”

Um, right?



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