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January 27, 2022

NDP, Bloc won't support Conservative budget

By Sympatico / MSN staff and Reuters

Jack Layton, leader of New Democratic Party, said it would not support the Conservative government's budget -- a position that was widely expected.

Bloc Quebecois also said it would vote against the Federal Budget unveiled on Tuesday.

"It's very disappointing," Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe told reporters. "The Bloc will vote against this unfair and ideological budget."

Mr. Layton said the budget "fails to restore confidence in (Prime Minister Stephen) Harper's ability to protect the vulnerable in Canada."

Harper "prioritized $60 billion in corporate tax cuts and only $1.15 billion for the unemployed," the NDP leader added.

The Conservatives will likely need the support of the main opposition Liberals to pass the budget and remain in power. Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff will reveal on Wednesday whether he intends to back the budget.

Mr. Layton, asked if Ignatieff should vote against it, said: "Absolutely. There's a better way forward."

The NDP leader was referring to the idea of an opposition coalition to replace the government. The Liberals agreed last month with the New Democrats and the separatist Bloc Quebecois to topple the government and install a coalition, but the Liberals have since backed away from the idea.

-- Reuters contributed to the story



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